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Step-by-Step Design

Nicklaus Design has produced more than 425 course in over 45 countries and 41 states, an achievement only accomplished through using a well-defined and efficient step-by-step process. Each project is executed to meet the varying needs of our clients, ultimately creating a playing experience that is unmatched. While the scope of each project varies greatly, our exceptional process remains the same.

Two standing men examining design plans

Step One


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A feller buncher grabbing fallen logs

Step Two


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Excavation equipment working on a landscape

Step Three

Mass Earthwork

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A small cat working to shape dirt on golf course

Step Four

Rough Shaping

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A golf course without grass and drainage channels shown

Step Five


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Two workers on a golf course without grass laying irrigation hose

Step Six


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Mounds on a golf course under construction

Step Seven

Feature Construction

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Step Eight

Finish Shaping

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Step Nine


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Step Ten

Grow In

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A group of people cutting a ribbon that says "grand opening"

Step Eleven

Grand Opening

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Your Course Begins With

A Step-by-Step Design

We would love to work with you every step of the way. Begin designing your course today.

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