Hole-By-Hole Descriptions

Situated at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Quivira Golf Club, routed along sheer cliffs, windswept dunes and desert foothills, is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course unlike any other.

“This property afforded us a rare opportunity because of its topographic diversity and natural environment,” Nicklaus said.”Our team worked with the canvas Mother Nature provided to create one of the most spectacular courses in the world.”

With full views of the ocean from all 18 holes, and with 10 ocean holes, Quivira offers more oceanfront exposure than any other course in Los Cabos. The majestic, well-strategized layout, with four tee placements ranging from 6,666 to 3,391 yards (par 72), starts at sea level, scales cliffs more than 275 feet above the surf, spans canyons and arroyos, meanders through dunes and desert, and returns to the sea at the finish.

Unique to itself, Quivira is an aesthetic tour de force that promises an unforgettable golf experience.

  • No. 1
  • Par 4
  • Black 389
  • Gold 378
  • Blue 365
  • White 334
  • Red 261

This oceanfront par 4 opening hole is a subtle left-to-right dogleg that plays away from the sea, with sandy wastelands and raw desert flanking the entire left side of the fairway. A scalloped bunker defends the right side of the large, gently contoured green.

  • No. 2
  • Par 3
  • Black 210
  • Gold 192
  • Blue 178
  • White 155
  • Red 97

A stately cardon cactus stands sentinel behind the long, narrow green at this slightly uphill par 3. The target is beautifully framed to the right by a sandy waste area dotted with peeling torote trees and cardons. A trio of bunkers defends the front, right and center portions of the putting surface, which tilts from back to front.

  • No. 3
  • Par 4
  • Black 316
  • Gold 275
  • Blue 260
  • White 240
  • Red 220

A classic short par 4 defined by strategic options. A collection of bunkers pockmarks the very wide fairway. The small, perched, kidney-shaped green is well-defended by bunkers and shrugs off indifferent approach shots.

  • No. 4
  • Par 5
  • Black 616
  • Gold 594
  • Blue 531
  • White 472
  • Red 433

This S-shaped par 5 reverses direction and heads directly to the ocean. From the back tees, a pond must be carried to reach a slim fairway bounded by a dry arroyo bed on the left and a vast sandy wasteland to the right. In addition to a bunker in the lay-up zone, the front right portion of the skewed green is protected by a deep sand pit.

  • No. 5
  • Par 4
  • Black 310
  • Gold 311
  • Blue 288
  • White 268
  • Red 202

After crossing arroyos and scaling the flank of a mountain, players arrive at this one-of-a-kind oceanfront par 4 situated 278 feet above sea level. The fairway, slanted below a shouldering dune on the right, traces the edge of sheer granite cliffs to the left as it tumbles downhill to a transition zone before dropping to a rock-walled, cliff-hanging green 106 feet below the tee. The putting surface is defended to the left by a huge deep bunker.

  • No. 6
  • Par 3
  • Black 180
  • Gold 165
  • Blue 135
  • White 107
  • Red 98

Carved into the base of a massive dune to the right and framed by rocky hills, this breathtaking par 3, one of the most spectacular one-shotters Jack Nicklaus has ever built, is perched on cliffs high above the roiling sea and a secluded beach. Angled into the prevailing wind, the tee shot must find and hold a long narrow green that drops off to a cavernous bunker and oblivion on the left.

  • No. 7
  • Par 4
  • Black 409
  • Gold 366
  • Blue 345
  • White 320
  • Red 306

This open, links-style par 4, its tee boxes set next to the historic old lighthouse at Land’s End (it’s the oldest standing structure in Cabo San Lucas), is flanked by the ocean on the left and by a long dune ridge dotted with native vegetation to the right. The infinity-edge green is defended to the left by sandy wastelands and a sharp drop-off, with a large bail-out area on the safer right side.

  • No. 8
  • Par 4
  • Black 399
  • Gold 377
  • Blue 318
  • White 306
  • Red 245

With its broad expanse of fairway bellied into a valley between speckled dunes to the right and a native area that buffers the 12th fairway on the left, the broad landing area at this short par 4 narrows as it nears the green. The fairway proceeds uphill to a tiny perched green tucked in a cleft of the dunes. The putting surface, fronted by a cavernous bunker, offers expansive ocean views.

  • No. 9
  • Par 3
  • Black 222
  • Gold 201
  • Blue 181
  • White 155
  • Red 145

This long, testing par 3 transitions from the dunes to rugged, purple-tinged mountains in the interior, with a dense forest of torote trees and cardon cactus creating a beautiful backdrop to the hole. The expansive green, defended to the right by a large deep bunker, is open in front and will accept a low running shot.

  • Front
  • Par 34
  • Black 3,051
  • Gold 2,859
  • Blue 2,601
  • White 2,357
  • Red 1,769
  • No. 10
  • Par 5
  • Black 554
  • Gold 529
  • Blue 499
  • White 475
  • Red 435

From a series of elevated tees, this dramatic, hairpin-shaped par 5 drops to a wide fairway with a high dune ridge on the left and sandy wastelands on the right. The fairway, indented by a sandy desert finger and a formal bunker up the left side, narrows near a small, rippled green set at the base of a massive dune.

  • No. 11
  • Par 4
  • Black 375
  • Gold 362
  • Blue 341
  • White 235
  • Red 210

Angled to the east and routed along the top of an impressive dune ridge with the ocean on the right, this short uphill par 4 plays to a split fairway divided by a sandy waste area. Beyond a distant target bunker on the left side of the landing area is the Cabo Falso mountain and the operational lighthouse on its summit. The oblong green, with its majestic dune and ocean vistas, is protected by an enormous bunker at the right front portion of the putting surface.

  • No. 12
  • Par 5
  • Black 635
  • Gold 595
  • Blue 578
  • White 520
  • Red 482

The longest hole on the course, this colossal downhill par 5 is a double-dogleg that drops from the top of a dune and zigzags along an island-style fairway bounded on both sides by sand. The green, tucked to the left of the sinuous fairway, is narrow, very deep and bunkerless. From any set of tees, this magnificent par 5 is a three-shot hole.

  • No. 13
  • Par 3
  • Black 148
  • Gold 135
  • Blue 122
  • White 108
  • Red 85

A truly spectacular par 3. The tiny shelf-like green sits atop a massive pinnacle of sculptured granite that rises 150 feet from the sand and the waves to a height of 105 feet above sea level. There is a small bail-out area to the left of the compact putting surface, but this petite hole calls for a do-or-die shot over an abyss to the most challenging green on the course.

  • No. 14
  • Par 4
  • Black 355
  • Gold 348
  • Blue 310
  • White 244
  • Red 236

This tricky uphill par 4 plays to a bunkerless fairway that doglegs sharply to the right in the landing area to a hidden, peek-a-boo green tucked in the dunes and backdropped by the Cabo Falso mountain. For drives that are not correctly positioned at the far end of the fairway, the second shot to the long, slim green is blind.

  • No. 15
  • Par 5
  • Black 564
  • Gold 526
  • Blue 496
  • White 439
  • Red 430

This grand-scale par 5 plays over a hill toward serrated mountain peaks in the distance. The expansive fairway, dotted with central bunkers, is encased in a vast swath of desert. The fairway, sloped to the left and rimmed on both sides by sand, is the high point of the golf course at 380 feet above the sea. The hole drops to an undulating green surrounded by dense desert vegetation and bracketed by deep bunkers.

  • No. 16
  • Par 4
  • Black 493
  • Gold 449
  • Blue 428
  • White 425
  • Red 285

From a series of elevated tees, this majestic hole, offering exalted views of the mountains, beach and sea, plummets nearly 100 feet to a dished-out fairway set in a V-shaped valley. The fairway turns left as it swings past a huge thumb of rock and desert garden in the center of the fairway 100 yards from the green. Tucked below a menacing bunker and rolling mounds is a large oblong green skewed to the line of play.

  • No. 17
  • Par 4
  • Black 478
  • Gold 454
  • Blue 440
  • White 410
  • Red 310

With the ocean flooding the horizon beyond the green, this thrilling par 4 drops sharply from the tee to a concave fairway crossed at the far end of the landing area by an arroyo. The green, prefaced by a sand pit 40 yards from the putting surface, is defended by a pair of deep bunkers. The right side of the green rolls off to a close-mown collection area.

  • No. 18
  • Par 4
  • Black 486
  • Gold 444
  • Blue 401
  • White 385
  • Red 318

This classic links-style closer returns to sea level, its broad, gently undulating fairway framed on the left by an arroyo and to the right by a grove of mesquite trees, low rolling dunes and a huge bunker. The fairway, banked slightly from right to left, leads to a large green set directly on the beach. The putting surface, well protected by sand to the left and behind, is bisected by a deep trough.

  • Back
  • Par 38
  • Black 4,088
  • Gold 3,842
  • Blue 3,615
  • White 3,241
  • Red 2,557
  • Total
  • Par 72
  • Black 7,139
  • Gold 6,701
  • Blue 6,216
  • White 5,598
  • Red 4,326


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