The ‘real dirt’ Golf FAQ’s

  • The Mountain course cost $17 Million to build
  • The valley course will cost more due to blasting and environmental commitments and as it is still in development there isn’t a final dollar value yet
  • The Mountain course has 23 miles of irrigation pipe and 1200 irrigation heads
  • The Valley course has 27 miles of irrigation pipe and 1400 heads
  • We blasted 350,000 cubic meters of rock on the valley course
  • We used 283,000 tons of sand to construct the valley course.
  • The drainage is the same on both courses – the very best!
  • Yes we are members of the Audubon society and are in the process of becoming certified. This certification will take a few years to complete

  • We are doing a lot of environmentally friendly practices; we use organic fertilizers when applicable
  • We use what is called a spoon feeding program for fertilizer. Less fertilizer is applied directly to the plant which in turn reduces the amount of actual fertilizer used over the course of the growing season. We only feed the plant what it needs. All fertilizer used for this spoon feeding program is liquid. This reduces or actually eliminates the chance of leaching or runoff of fertilizer into ponds and streams
  • We hired an environmental monitor to test the water 4 times / year on both the Mountain & Valley courses. They test for all products that we use on the course, especially chemical and nitrogen. I am proud to say that in 7 years of testing the water we have NEVER had a negative result
  • We stock our 13th pond on the Mountain course which has increased the wildlife activity. We have Cormorants, Blue Herons, Osprey, Bald Eagles, numerous varieties of Ducks and even had a River Otter in the pond in the fall of 2007/2008.
  • We have expanded the naturalized tall fescue areas on the mountain course to help protect the small mammals, which has increased our wildlife corridors thus reducing the amount of maintained turf which decreases the amount of fertilizer being used.
  • We are currently planting the ponds edge on 15 in the Valley course with bullrushes and other aquatic plants.
  • Brush piles have been incorporated into the landscape for small animals for nesting sites and for cover from predators.
  • We have never used or will ever use an insecticide.
  • We have incorporated a IPM (Integrated Pest Management Program). This program involves developing a threshold for disease, fertilizer applications, and making the environment a high priority. All chemical applications are done by certified applicators.

  • 2 fish ladders have been installed for the trout in the Valley course. 1 ladder is for Matson Lake and the other is for Osborne Lake.


Bear Mountain Golf and Country Club – Valley Course

Bear Mountain proudly opened their 2nd Nicklaus designed course, The Valley, June 1st 2009. With its completion it made Bear Mountain the only 36 hole Nicklaus Designed property in Canada!…

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